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About Auto Solutions - Collision, Autobody, Service

Auto Solutions - Collision, Autobody, Service

Experience excellent vehicle service at Auto Solutions If you've been looking for car service in the Farwell area, we understand that you may have plenty of options available. That being said, there are also many reasons why Farwell, Harrison, Clare, Mount Pleasant, and Beaverton MI. area drivers choose Auto Solutions for all of their vehicle repair and maintenance needs. A Team of Knowledgeable Technicians Our technicians are trained and certified to work on every type of car, truck, SUV, and van. They perform routine maintenance and large repairs not only on newer vehicles but also on older models and classics. It makes no difference if your car is new, used, or a classic; our technicians do everything from change the oil on your brand-new SUV to something as difficult as installing a clutch on classic sport car. . Here are just a few of the most popular routine maintenance issues our team performs: Oil changes Brake checks Funny noise diagnoses Tire repairs Wheel alignment A Prepared and Fully Equipped Service Center Whether your truck needs new brakes, you need a tow, your sedan requires an engine fix, or something's wrong with your classic sports car, but you aren't sure what, our service center has the right tools and equipment for the job. We strive to complete your repair as quickly and efficiently as possible because we understand that your time is valuable. Auto Solutions 740 W Main St Farwell, MI 48622 989-339-5044

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